New Year show informations

Újévi kiállítási információk

Dear Clients and Interested Parties,

Let us call your attention that the second entry deadline of Fehova – Winterdogshow closes/ expires on 14th January, 2019. You can enter either by sending your entry form by post to us or you can enter online on:

In case you wish to pay discount fees, membership cards valid in 2018 are accepteble until 14th January, 2019 but then as from 15th January, 2019 only membership cards valid in 2019 will be accepted. Membership cards can be purchased at our member organizatons.

Based on the decision made at the meeting of the MEOE Board of Directors on 12th December, 2018 it is possible to process certain administrative changes in duly justified cases as follows:

1. In case the injury or incidental death of the entered dog – which fact needs to be proved by a medical certificate –, the owner can initiate the change the dog for another dog owned by him, or else he can also request to use the entry fee for a later show to be organized by the same club.

2. When having a several day International show it is also possible to change the judging days in case the participant happen to have an unanticipated duty that cannot be postponed.

3. Change of class is only permitted upon the explicit appeal and request of the owner provided also the age of the dog allows it.

Please note the above mentioned administrative changes can be processed latest prior the final and published (but not the prolonged) entry deadline. All and any such request for change costs HUF 3.000/ 10 EUR change. Requests and appeals should be sent to
Administrative fees will be collected on the premises and on the date of Show. In this case the documents and start number of the concerned dog can be picked up at the Show Office prior the judging starts.

As from 1st January 2019 MEOESz launches its new service: „express champion certificate” can be attained.

Upon the request and following the financial completion of the service (premium rate service fee is payable) our colleagues issues the requested champion certificate on a fast track. The premium rate service fee is HUF 4.000. The special service can be processed in person, on consultation days thus on Monday and Wednesday between 8 am and 3 pm, on Friday between 8 and 12 am. In the particular case the champion certificate is ready within 1 hour.

Fees and other requirements of the regular champion certificates do not change, preparation period also remains 30 days.

Further details of our service fees can be found on the webpage of MEOESz.

MEOESz Show Office wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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