Information for breeders and owners of GERMAN SHEPHERDS DOGS

We are informing you, that the pedigree registration of the breed, German Shepherd has started, together with the motherland organisation of the breed, the SV.

The pedigrees of the first litters were completed at the beginning of June and they are already at the breeders'.

According to the agreement between the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOESZ) and the SV, only that pedigree is acceptable, which is issued jointly by the SV and the MEOESZ.

According to a contract in force between us, the dogs "registered by the German Shepherd Club of Hungary (MNJK) can not be registered with the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOESZ)".

We would like to remind you that all FCI members and contracted partners are informed of this fact and that only pedigrees issued by MEOESZ - SV can be accepted within the FCI system.

Please kindly take note of our information.


András Korózs

Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOESZ)


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