Further to the decision of the Board and the Show Office of MEOESz the financial criterias laid down in the ’Dog Show Regulations’ with regard to entries will be monitored more strictly as from the Champion Show 2019.

In 2021 MEOESz is organizing the European Dog Show in Budapest on the premises of Hungexpo. We are expecting to receive cca 20-25.000 entries for this occassion and cca.10-15.000 dogs for the side-events. In this regard we continue to develop our online entry system, just like our show results recording and publication techniques. 

An essential part of the above mentioned object is the modernization of the financial module which is going to be harmonized with the EU payment terms. We need to focus on the online (immediate) bankcard payment in terms of acceleration and simplification of the process. Another priority is the improving and tightening of the financial discipline.

As a result of the forementioned MEOESz has made the following decision: as from November 2019 it is only permitted to submit your entry, whether you choose paying by bank transfer or in cash, up until the last publicised deadline. In case of prolongation of the deadline, we are willing to accept solely and only online entries which is, as a matter of fact, linked to immediate online bank card payment inseparably.

In case the payment (whether by bank transfer or in cash) is not finalized prior the last publicized entry deadline and we did not receive any official confirmation of the payment to any of our official addresses, we have to reject the entry. Once an entry is rejected, it will not be recorded in the catalog. All of this ultimately means that the possibility of paying on the spot on the day of the actual show is terminated.

Please note, in relation to Champion Show, CAC Show of the Hungarian Breeds, President Cup CACIB Show and the Budapest Winner CACIB Show, the final date (deadline) of accepting payments in cash or via transfer is midnight of Monday 11th November, 2019

Transfers and/ or cash payments disposed later will not be accepted.


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